Starring is an independent multi-family office that provides strategic wealth management and advisory services to international client while supporting them in achieving agreed objectives for private wealth and corporate.

“…The client is Starring…

Starring serves as a single point of reference, offering services for their client’s needs in different areas such as accounting, legal and fiduciary advice, taxation and corporate issues, supervising and controlling multiple banking relationships.

Starring tailor makes the entire strategic planning and not merely limits itself to an executive role.



Starring’s innovative attitude to wealth management is built on three key pillars: Information, Investment and Risk Management.

“…Keeping the risk factors aligned with the client’s strategic investment policy is a key to preserving and growing wealth…”

We support a client’s investment decision by providing them with easily understandable information at a micro and macro level: across industries, sectors and asset classes.

Starring facilitates access to an international network of insurance services. The selection criteria will be determined based on the most appropriate condition for the client.

“…Insurance institution are chosen based on their core competencies and coverage…”

Using Starring as the single point of contact to insurance relationships, the client avoids administrative overload and permits taking advantage of the benefits of one international relationship.

In a world of uncertain markets and persistently low yields, real estate investing may offer alternate and an enhanced form of diversification, attractive appreciation, income returns and a hedge against inflation for clients looking to protect themselves against the swings in economic cycles or grow their assets.

“…Helping our clients develop a strategy for their international real estate portfolio…”

We believe that investments in real estate must be treated as just like any other traditional financial investment in a portfolio. Each investment in real estate must be analysed separately and aligned according to the strategic investment objectives of the client.

Starring identifies and evaluates real estate investments in Switzerland as well as abroad.

Starring’s practitioners blend local country technical knowledge with appropriate regional and global insights on the latest developments in tax policy, legislation and administration.

“…Tax transparency becomes a worlwide standard, in Switzerland too…”

Our experts are able to help clients develop and execute business strategies quickly and effectively, with strong accountability and governance…”

The essential elements of an appropriate planning of the family a­ffairs are a profound understanding of the family’s activities and the desired levels of protection and continuity across future yars.

“…We match client’s workcycle, different asset classes and theirs objectives to provide tailor-made solutions for maintain and increase the wealth …”


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